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30 July 2009

Big Trouble in Little China

directed by John Carpenter

Some dogs are so ugly that they become cute again. Well, the same goes for movies, and John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China is a perfect example of a movie that seems like a terrible idea on paper, but when viewed in all its 1980’s glory, this movie shines with the brilliance of a supernova. Ok, synopsis time: An always awesome Kurt Russell is Jack Burton, windbag truck driver and full time hustler just pulling into San Francisco’s Chinatown after a long haul. Note: scope out Russell’s do and try and see if you can tell where Tarantino got his inspiration for Stuntman Mike in Deathproof. Anyway, Burton’s best bud has a problem; his intended has been kidnapped by the raging (and magical) asshole, Lo Pan, a 2000 year old wizard in need of some lovin’. What’s a guy to do? But when Lo Pan snags the cutie Burton had his eye on (the ever sassy, ever solid Kim Catrall), it’s on like Donkey Kong. Enter Storm Demons (hey, wait a minute, you guys look like Raiden and Kung Lao from Mortal Kombat. That’s awesome!), a huge floating mass of eyeballs, an exploding wind god, and presto, you have just created a timeless action classic destined for true immortality. In your face Lo Pan! John Carpenter is the master alchemist when it comes to fusing the superbly silly and supremely excellent, and I say don’t ever change, sir.

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