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31 July 2009

Dogtown and Z-Boys

directed by Stacy Peralta

Jay Adams. Tony Alva. Stacy Peralta. If any of these names ring a bell, then Dogtown and Z-Boys is an absolute must see. If none of those names sound familiar to you, then check this out. Skater turned filmmaker Stacy Peralta, using vintage footage of him and his pals tearing up swimming pools and competitions with their skateboards, chronicles the formation of the Zephyr skate team and the birth modern skateboarding as we know it. Peralta has a natural gift for flare, and this righteous doc is about as rock n roll as they come, complete with a kickass soundtrack and interviews with the original team. And wait, is that Spicoli doing the narration? To watch Jay Adams forever change the face of the sport is a thing of pure magic. To watch Stacy Peralta make an appearance on Charlie’s Angels is pure throwback heaven. If you have seen The Lords of Dogtown, the dramatized version of this true life story, go back to the source to see the real person who inspired Heath Ledger’s over the top ego, Emile Hirsch’s crazed intensity, and John Robinson’s sincerity. If you haven’t seen either film and have to choose only one, I recommend the doc. Nothing beats real life, especially real life as revolutionary and visceral as this.

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