What movie was that...?

30 July 2009

The Hangover

directed by Todd Phillips

A movie about a bunch of dudes trying to recover from a night out in Vegas? Ugh. I could see it already. Very Bad Things gets neutered. Fear and Loathing gets clean. I was way off, a thousand joyous times, I was way off! In a movie where the laughs are as wrong as they are right, even the haters out there will melt for this boozed up comedic gem. Best bros for life head out for a bachelor party in Vegas where they get plastered, get even more plastered, steal Mike Tyson’s tiger, lose the groom, and gain a baby. That’s just for starters. Leave it to Ed Helms (Stu), Bradley Cooper (Phil), and the always amazing, always barely containable comedic genius Zach Galifianakis (future brother in law and total nutcase, Alan) to make a strong script by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore (who conceived the ill-begotten disaster, Four Christmases and even iller-begotten Ghosts of Girlfriends Past) even stronger. Props to Helms and Galifianakis, who find humor in every nuance and every gesture. Cooper is excellent as Phil, the life-hater, teacher, husband, dad and self-perceived sucker who warns against the evils of marriage at every turn. Beginning at the end of the story, essentially, the guys try and retrace their steps in hopes of recovering groom to be Doug (Justin Bartha) and, in the process, their own recollection of what the hell actually happened to them. With hilarious cameos by Ken Jeong (priceless, just priceless), Mike Tyson (playing himself), and Heather Graham (sunny and ageless), The Hangover is the stiff drink this summer needs to loosen up. You won’t want to forget any of it.

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