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30 July 2009

The Hurt Locker

directed by Kathryn Bigelow

When you think of action, what names come to mind? James Cameron? John Woo? Sam Peckinpah? Is Kathryn Bigelow on that list? Well, she should be. When it comes to taught, tense, explosive action, Bigelow’s eye is second to none. Point Break, Near Dark, hello? But back to the matter at hand: Bigelow’s newest stunner is as thrilling as they come, focusing on a task force in Iraq charged with disarming insurgent explosives. Jeremy Renner is electric as Ranger bomb squad looney William James, the adrenaline junkie who can only get his rocks off when he’s practically humping disaster. He’s only got a month left before he goes home, if he can survive. Anthony Mackie excels as Sanborn, the voice of reason and humanity in a world ravaged by atrocity. And hats off to a crazed David Morse in a picayune role that speaks volumes. Balls to the wall, blow the doors off action is not what this movie aims for, instead taking you inside a world where destruction is literally just around the corner. Target hit. We’re done here.

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