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30 July 2009

Tron/Tron Legacy (Tr2n)

Tron: directed by Steven Lisberger
Tron Legacy: directed by Joseph Kosinski

When geek boys (myself included, moreso than I’d like to admit) got a glimpse of Tr2n last year, the collective fangasm was enough to blow the doors off the mother. Why? Because Disney’s original 1980s epic about the world of computers and their users was so mind-blowingly amazing that I just don’t think people were able to accept the reality that the movie they unsuspectingly paid to see had just happened before their very eyes. Here we are, nearly three decades later, and the movie is still amazing, still historic, and still badass as all get out. A synopsis for the newbies out there: Jeff Bridges is Flynn, computer genius and arcade master out to find evidence that his former employer jacked his video game concepts. In breaking in to hack into the mainframe, evil program Master Control (it’s MCP, if you’re nasty) digitizes Flynn and pits him against programs from within the system. Inside, users don’t exist except as part of religious debates, and Flynn must employ the help of Ram and Tron in his quest to bring down the MCP and get back to the real world. We’re talking about a CG animated film coupled with live action in a time when that just was not done. It must have been like when the crowds at the Del Mar skateboarding tournament saw the Z-Boys skate for first time on the freestyle ramp (see Stacy Peralta’s righteous doc Dogtown and Z-Boys for further explanation). Sometimes the brain just can’t process the creativity and artistic implication of something so radically different. Think about Pixar and where it would be today if hadn’t have been for the pioneers who blazed the way with Tron.
P.S. Tr2n is going to be so boss! I can hardly contain myself. If you can find it, check out the bootlegged trailer hijacked by a fanboy at the comic con. The quality is low, but it’s so worth the watch. Thank you, internet, for your ability to make illicit thrills like a stolen Tr2n teaser a reality for geeks like us. Techno-director Joseph Kosinski is set to helm the sequel, and his sequence of The Shining on his website makes me supremely excited to see what he has to offer.

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