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31 July 2009

Two-Lane Blacktop

directed by Monte Hellman

No driving movie in the history of driving movies can hold a candle to the philosophical wallop of Monte Hellman’s masterpiece, revolving around Driver (James Taylor), Mechanic (Dennis Wilson), Girl (Laurie Bird) and GTO (Warren Oates). Driver and Mechanic (Taylor and an amazing Wilson in their only acting roles), pick up Girl and challenge GTO to a race across the country to Washington D.C. The dialogue is sparse, and the cinematography is astounding. Two-Lane gets its hooks in you fast and pulls you along for the ride. Not to mention one of the most insane, mind bogglingly perfect endings in the history of cinema, Two-Lane Blacktop is good to the last drop. If only Vin Diesel and Paul Walker could take their cues from a classic like this.


  1. This is a great review of one of my favourite films.
    I saw Two-Lane Blacktop on tv one night in the 80's and I was blown away,I did'nt realise at the time that I would have to wait nearly 20 years to see it again but it was worth it.
    Now thanks to the Criterion Collection DVD I can watch this masterpiece any time I want. Warren,James and Dennis are amazing and that ending is one of the best in cinema histiry !
    Keep up the good work.....Paul.

  2. Hey B.C!
    Two-Lane Blacktop is getting a Blu-Ray release in January if you're interested.
    The extras that come with it are very similar to the Criterion release from 2007, but if you haven't got the Criterion set I'd recommend investing.
    I hope things are OK with you, and if I don't get on the computer again this week, all the best for Christmas.

  3. Thank you for the warm holiday wishes, Paul, and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas as well. I actually just got married, so it has been a very exciting time for the old BC. I love love love my Criterion Collection of Two-Lane, and I am so very excited for the Blu-Ray debut in January.

    Historically (when I wasn't working on Christmas), Christmas Day is a movie day, so the big question for me is whether to see Tin Tin (which looks wonderful to me) or something darker like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

  4. Hey, congratulations on tying the knot my friend.
    Whatever film you decide to watch tomorrow, I hope you and Mrs BC have a great day.


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