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30 July 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

directed by Spike Jonze

Did you ever see The Beastie Boys video, Sabotage? Or that superrad Breeders video, Cannonball? Or those excellent Fatboy Slim videos? Well, Spike Jonze says “You’re welcome.” The most wonderfully innovative and bonkers director of our generation has gone so far beyond excelling at his craft, be it video, or acting (check his fantastic performance in David O. Russell’s fabulous Three Kings), or feature directing (do I need to explain why Being John Malkovich and Adaptation are classics?) that I could scarcely gush enough to do his talent justice. Several years in the making, Jonze’s masterpiece (my words) is set to grace the world with its presence this fall. Under Jonze’s watchful eye, Where the Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak’s seminal children’s classic has been transforming itself into a feature length, colossally magical cinematic event that, frankly, I can hardly wait for. Now I am talking about this entirely out of school, of course, as I have only seen the “test footage” released on the internet and the trailer released earlier this year. Oh ye of little faith, mark my words: Where the Wild Things Are will be one of the most thrilling, heart-swelling, and truly wondrous films of this or any year. Just watch the trailer and try not to get choked up. If you succeed, then you, sir or ma’am, have a heart of stone.

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