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30 July 2009

Who is Bozo Texino?

directed by Bill Daniel

When it first arrived at my house in rather dubious packaging, I had enormously high hopes for this mysteriously mysterious doc about railroad hobos and primitive graffiti writers. A ramshackle Style Wars sans the hip hop music, the break dancing, or modern life as we know it. These guys are old school, OG bombers whose tales span back to the turn of the century. Daniel’s quest centers on discovering the identity of the most famous boxcar writer, who goes by the moniker Bozo Texino, and who seems to have as many lives as he does markings. The film left me wanting more, however, and with a special thanks in the credits to infamous Richard Linklater (indie director a go-go of Slacker, Waking Life, and A Scanner Darkly fame), you would have thought that there certainly could have been more. Alas, the film remains as allusive as its subject matter. But, if you share my passion for graffiti writing and total out-there subject matter, this remains as an absolute must see.

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