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18 August 2009

The City of Lost Children

directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Few films possess the kind of ethereal and darkly magical qualities of Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s film about a fairy tale city in which orphans are stolen by a secret society and sent to an island where a frighteningly macabre scientist named Krank uses them to make dreams for himself. Yeesh, when you put it that way… Ron Perlman plays One, a strong man street performer whose little brother is kidnapped. He enlists the help of Miette, a little girl with moxy to spare, and together they uncover the plans of the mad scientist Krank and his plans to create the dreams he cannot have on his own. To say that this movie is visually amazing is a gross understatement, like saying “Everest, yeah it’s pretty tall.” I normally don’t recommend watching a foreign film with the English dubbing on, but with a movie as visually stunning as this, you won’t want to miss a frame. And plus, Ron Perlman does his own dubbing work, which makes for a much better voice-over viewing.

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