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18 August 2009

The Hedgehog in the Fog

directed by Yuri Norstein

This one is very obscure, but totally worth hunting down, especially for fans of stop motion animation. Filmed in 1975 by Russian animation giant Yuri Norstein, the short film centers on a young hedgehog on his way through the forest to meet his friend the bear cub so they can count the stars. Probably my favorite example of the kind of artistic heights that stop motion animation can reach, this film was nearly shelved after Norstein’s 3 person crew were unable to complete the film in the time allotted for much larger crewed projects (usually projects such as Hedgehog had 30 or more members). It was only after showing the partial film to the Communist Party committee that Norstein was allowed to finish his treasure of a film. It can be found on the collection DVD Masters of Russian Animation, Volume 2. In the collection are other rare gems like Ivan Ivanov-Vano’s Seasons and Norstein’s Heron and Crane.

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