What movie was that...?

04 August 2009


directed by Duncan Jones

Sam Rockwell delivers some of the best performances of his career in this heavy as hell sci-fi film directed by Duncan Jones. Did he just say performances? Damn straight I did. Watch the preview and check out what I mean, a lone astronaut slash mechanic Sam Bell (Rockwell) on a three year contract spends his time on the moon fixing machinery and talking with a computer (voiced with lucid precision by Kevin Spacey). It’s almost quitting time and Bell is due to ship out in two weeks. But when something goes wrong outside, Bell brings in another astronaut who turns out to look just like him. What, you say? Again, damn straight. I won’t give away anymore than what the preview allows, but rest assured that Sam Rockwell is worth whatever the hell a movie ticket costs in your neck of the woods nowadays. Jones creates a space that feels real, lived in, dirty, and the script by Nathan Parker swings for the fences.

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