What movie was that...?

04 August 2009


directed by Shane Carruth

Shane Carruth, where have you been all of our lives? Leave it to a thirty year old engineer to create the single best time travel movie ever made. Don’t believe me? Just watch. Aaron (Carruth) and his engineer buds, trying to get their startup off the ground, accidentally build a device that can transport them through time. Sound stupid? It’s not, and Carruth’s handling of discovery’s effect upon the human psyche, the sinister allure of omniscience, and the very nature of identity is simply astounding. No amount of viewings will satisfy all your questions, and no amount of viewings will water down the impact of this mind blowing sci-fi mystery. A movie so good there should be legislation preventing people from not watching it, Primer deserves to be on every DVD shelf in the world. Please, Mr. Carruth, give us more!

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