What movie was that...?

27 August 2009


directed by David LaChappelle

A film that was magnificently skunked for any sort of accolade (shame on you, Academy), David LaChappelle’s miracle of a doc about krump dancing, originated in L.A., is one of the few docs that should have been nominated for a best cinematography and best film editing award. And that’s just for starters. Photographer and music video hero LaChappelle captures the frenzied excitement and frustration of a culture born from the social rubble of urban violence, poverty and mistreatment, and individuals like Tight Eyez, Dragon, Miss Prissy, Lil C and of course, the originator, Tommy the Clown seemed custom made for the big screen. LaChappelle’s use of color, texture and editing work to create a vibrant and almost surreal experience, no matter if the set is a parking lot, a church or one of his unique creations. For any music and dance fans out there, this doc should be on your must own list.

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