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04 August 2009

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

directed by Stephen Hillenburg

Ok, ok, SpongeBob is so played, you say. He is only funny to twenty-something stoners and ADHD toddlers with a gut full of Adderol. Not true. Well, it may be absolutely true, but the feature film addition to the SpongeBob saga is chock full of some of the most hilarious, insane and jacked up animation you have seen in years. America’s favorite underwater dwelling, yet somehow kitchen dishes shaped sponge is ready for his promotion to manager of the burger joint he has faithfully served for years, but when he is passed up for the job due to a lack of maturity, his confidence is shaken. Meanwhile, nemesis, and picayune prick, Plankton has his tiny mind hellbent on world domination with a deliciously evil Plan Z, a plan that involves stealing King Neptune’s crown and blaming SpongeBob’s boss. With his homie Patrick in tow, the two heroes set out to return the crown and show Bikini Bottom that they are both men with true grit. The scene in which Patrick and SpongeBob suck down sundaes until they can’t see straight is a time capsule moment, as well the scene in which they both grow mustaches. You have to get a load of it for yourself.

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