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19 August 2009

Vanishing Point

directed by Richard C. Sarafian

Kowalski, the last American hero, tweaked on uppers and hauling ass across country to deliver a Dodge Challenger, and sticking a giant middle finger up conservative America’s ass in the process, that’s Vanishing Point in one hit. Sarafian’s tough film plays like a hard rock fantasy come to life, a counter culture odyssey replete with a Radio DJ fucking with The Man, hippies fucking with The Man, and Kowalski bucking the system at every turn. And wait a minute, is that Dean Jagger in the desert, playing one of the best roles of his life? It is! The only problem I have with Vanishing Point is that it had to end. Drive on, Kowalski.

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  1. Vanishing Point is awesome from start to finish.
    For some reason I always find myself cheering Kowalski on as he accelerates towards those bulldozers at the end, I think with his death he's finally beaten the system.


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