What movie was that...?

18 August 2009


directed by Riyuhei Kitamura

How can I describe this epic Japanese sci-fi action horror thriller without giving too much away? Prisoner KC8J-303 just escaped from a prison transport and is awaiting pickup by some nefarious characters with a kidnapped girl when all hell breaks loose. Well, first one of the gangsters is killed, but when he come back to life, then all hell breaks loose. Zombies, that’s right, I’m talking about zombies. Now KCJ8-303 is on the run from the live gangsters and a few dead ones, not to mention the police out to round up any surviving escapees. Enter an even more dubious guest to the mix, a supernatural stranger ready to open a portal to the underworld, a portal that exists there, in the Forest of Resurrection. Guess that explains the zombies. But is this stranger the bad guy, or the good guy? Kitamura directs his explosive film with all the piss and vinegar of a young Sam Raimi, and the result is movie gold. A long awaited, legitimate American version is out there, so don’t waste your time hunting down the ridiculously subtitled, poorly transferred Asian copy. Just pop it in and brace yourself.

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