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23 September 2009

America (A Levi's Commercial)

directed by Cary Fukunaga

Cary Fukunaga, the talent behind the visually gorgeous film Sin Nombre, has outdone himself with what I would call the best piece of American propaganda ever produced! Lush, deep black and white imagery overlaid with rough, confident subtitle art that rivals those of Fukunaga’s Sin Nombre preview, subtitles that punctuate an audio recording of what is believed to be Walt Whitman himself reciting his poem, America. Do I need to say more? Listening to Whitman’s rugged song of a voice recite his own words against a background of Americana that could only be described as surreally concrete is an experience that, frankly, I wasn’t prepared to have by watching evening television. Like the Andrew Douglas meditation on the South, Searching for the Wrong Eyed Jesus, Fukunaga distills a feeling from the elements at hand, and somehow, miraculously, bottles 250 Fourth of Julys into a 30 second television spot! The art of the good commercial is all but lost, dying a quiet death alongside the inspired music video. What will become of our future geniuses, our Spike Jonzes and Tarsem Singhs, our David Finchers? The inevitable is coming, but until then, thank you Levi’s, thank you for filling my heart with Fukunaga’s vision.

To the rest of you: Find it. Hunt it down. Watch it. It may be the last of its kind.
In case you need help, here is the commercial posted on YouTube:

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