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18 September 2009

Army of Darkness

directed by Sam Raimi

Well, if I am going to review Sam Raimi’s twin masterpieces, The Evil Dead and The Evil Dead II, I definitely need to include the nutso awesomefest that is the third film in this epic trilogy. Raimi comes out swinging in the ridiculously entertaining (not to mention ridiculously ridiculous) Army of Darkness, where Ash (Bruce Campbell, the chinniest actors this side of Kirk Douglas) is no longer the nice enough but goofy looking hero just trying to get out alive. This time around, Ash is a badass, boned-headed, shit-talking, deadite-stomping rock star who gets sucked in a time vortex and ends up in King Arthur’s court. Really, King Arthur’s court, you say? Yes, I say, yes! Ash bumbles and stumbles his way into an all out war with the newly resurrected (Ash’s bad, woops) Deadite army commanded by a totally pissed off evil dead general (also played with a crazed hilarity by the genius Bruce Campbell). If you thought the Evil Dead films were less than meticulous, then brace yourself for the reckless ununiformity of Raimi final piece of the puzzle. It’s as if the motto for this film was, “Continuity? We don’t need no stinking continuity!” I couldn’t agree more. When you’re having this much fun at the movies, talking points like Ash’s inexplicably bizarre hair length variations, and set decoration that only concerns itself with the most rudimentary sense of consistency only work to enhance the watchability of the film. A pre-ghost Scrooge would scorn Raimi’s inattention to detail, but a post-ghost Scrooge would be howling and loving it just like the rest. In the quest for the cult film throne, there can be only one. Hail to the King, baby.

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