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29 September 2009

Bronson (Trailer)

film directed by Nicolas Winding Refn

Watch the trailer first on Trailer Addict:

Though I'm going on record as stating that Nicolas Winding Refn's new Molotov cocktail of a film will be one of the cinematic high points of 2009, this review will only concern itself with the exquisitely crafted trailer for Refn's new film, Bronson, starring an incendiary Tom Hardy. The film trailer, like the commercial, is an art unto itself. Emotion, plot, and intrigue must be distilled into a compact, concise and (in this case) gut-punchingly visceral fragment of the whole. In the case of Bronson, the film seems so explosively charged, so magnificently unstable that the trailer was ejected like a kind of filmic shrapnel, and trust me, when you watch the trailer, you'll feel the sting. Tom Hardy plays Charlie Bronson, aka Michael Peterson, a disturbed man determined to make a name for himself by becoming Britain's most infamous criminal. Think Andrew Dominik's Chopper, but with a grandiose, sureally operatic pulse. Utilizing amazing title art, after effects, music and cinematography, this gem of a trailer seems to simultaneously be at odds with itself and to coalesce perfectly, creating a scathing, broken mirror portrait of a man unnervingly unabashed in his determination to will his vision into existence. In Hardy, Refn finds a virtuoso, a napalm-blooded embodiment of the persona birthed behind prison bars. Usually, film trailers serve a strictly utilitarian purpose, but some, like Bronson and the trailer for the upcoming film Van Diemen's Land, are award worthy (if such a thing existed). If such a thing did exist, Bronson would have my vote.
If you're thirsty for more, watch the alternate trailer also on Trailer Addict:

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