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23 September 2009

Peter and the Wolf

directed by Suzie Templeton

Ok, fine. Sue me. I love stop motion animation! The cat’s out of the bag! It would be a stop motion cat, of course, and if its emergence from said bag were to be directed by Suzie Templeton, then it just might be as brilliantly dazzling and hauntingly beautiful as her short film, Peter and the Wolf. Weighing in at 30 minutes (30 wordless, wonderful minutes), the film centers on a young outcast named Peter and an encounter with a wolf intent on attacking a few of his farm friends. Using Sergei Prokofiev’s rich music as inspiration, Templeton’s vision unfolds like a piece of pure cinematic pleasure. Note the low angle shot of the tree outside of Peter’s yard. Any of you who took me up on my Hedgehog in the Fog recommendation (Yuri Norstein’s stop motion masterpiece) will see what I mean. Awesome. Simply awesome.

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