What movie was that...?

30 September 2009


directed by Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood said he had to wait several years before he was ready to make Unforgiven, and I say it was worth the wait. Ex-outlaw Bill Munny (Eastwood) has cleaned up his life and quenched himself of his villainous ways, but when a young gunfighter offers him a share of a bounty in Big Whiskey, Will takes the offer. Teaming up with another former outlaw, Ned (Morgan Freeman), they head out for one last kill. Eastwood and Freeman play their roles to perfection, and Gene Hackman is absolutely superb as the brutal and frightening lawman determined to make Big Whiskey a nice place to live, no matter what the cost. This movie is beautiful from the first frame, and when it erupts into its terrifying, chilling climax, you are left with a feeling that lingers well after the movie is over. A classic of the genre, if you can only see one Clint Eastwood western, it should be this one.

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