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21 October 2009

28 Days Later...

directed by Danny Boyle

It may not be a pure zombie film, but Danny Boyle’s sensational reimagining of the genre is as scary as they come. Filmed with a grainy intensity, the film follows Jim (Cilian Murphy) as he awakens in a hospital 28 days after an outbreak of a deadly virus (known as “rage”) decimates England, a virus that turns the infected into crazed beasts in need of blood and flesh. Scouring the ravaged landscape for other survivors, Jim and Selena find a father (an earnest and powerful Brendan Gleeson) and daughter holed up in a high rise, where they hear a radio broadcast that hints at the possibility of salvation. In a world of biological weaponry and technological advancements beyond our wildest dreams, 28 Days Later… turns discovery on its head, forcing us to take stock of the primitive and insatiable aspects of our natures. Mankind’s lust for discovery always forges on in the shadow of acrimony, brought into sharp and gruesome focus by the lurid genius of Danny Boyle.

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