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15 October 2009

American Psycho

directed by Mary Harron

Jeez, they say corporate America is tough, but I had no idea. Thanks to Brett Easton Ellis’ marvelously corrosive look into the vacuous and materialistic quagmire of yuppie culture and Mary Harron’s shrewd direction, American Psycho has become one of those films that everyone knows, even if they have never seen it. Word to the wise, if you haven’t feasted your eyes on this disgustingly mesmerizing film, do so immediately. It is easily one of Christian Bale’s best roles, which is a big deal in itself. Bale plays Patrick Bateman (excellent Psycho homage, Mr. E), yuppie scum and attention whore so preoccupied with how his peers see him that it causes him to freak out a little and hack to pieces friends, colleagues and complete strangers. In world where appearances and connections are more than everything (peep the sequence in which the business card becomes a fetish item around which all the ivy leaguers breathe heavily), Bateman seeks catharsis in the only way he see fit, by destroying things, committing murder and, of course, reciting his own album reviews of such 80’s artists as Huey Lewis and the News, Phil Collins and Whitney Houston. It’s money grubbing corporate culture treated as an epidemic, and it’s never been as much twisted fun as this.

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