What movie was that...?

21 October 2009

The Blair Witch Project

directed by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez

I don’t know about that one, BC. I always thought the Blair Witch Project was kind of- what? Kind of awesome? Because you’d be right. Screw the hipsters and film geeks who denigrated such a fresh and original piece of horror. It’s like flip flopping about a band that’s “so awesome” until they “sell out” by getting popular. Yeah, that’s airtight logic, like saying Of Montreal totally sounds like Justin Timberlake now that people know who he is. Whatever. Back to the matter at hand, a freaky slice of horror posing as a documentary of pieced together footage discovered about a trio of students who disappeared after setting out to cover a local legend, the legend of the Blair Witch. And their bodies were never found… but seriously, when a movie with no gore, no monsters, and no visible villain can still pin you to your seat, someone has to be doing something right. Did I just spoil anything? No, I did not. Check it out for yourself, and if you have seen it, watch it again with an open mind. But tighten those belts people, because apparently there is a correlation between fear and losing one’s pants.

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