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29 October 2009

The Crow

directed by Alex Proyas

A marvelous product of its time, The Crow brought the time honored Detroit holiday to the big screen, and it did it with a slick-grit style befitting a city with Motown’s rough rep. Brandon Lee is Eric Draven, killed along with his girlfriend on Devil’s Night by a gang of arsonists and killers. Jump to one year later, and Eric is back, armed with a supernatural crow guardian and general badass demeanor, hunting down the scumbags to take his pound of flesh. Adding to the creepy factor is the tragedy of Lee’s death, which happened on the set just before the film's completion, caused by a gun blank improperly discharged. The original comic, written by James O’Barr as a cathartic response to a personal tragedy, depicted Detroit Rock City as a virtual black hole of chaos and violence, a depiction that still rings frighteningly true (come visit us sometime). Lee haunts a wild and virtually lawless Motor City like a renegade angel. Packing a righteous musical arsenal to boot, The Crow is the darkness and hopelessness of the post-grunge 90s in all its brooding, techno-goth fury.

An interesting note: On the VHS copy of the film (I know, ancient, right?) there is a trailer for the 6th Halloween film, titled Halloween 666: The Origin of Michael Myers. The title, however, was changed prior to release from the aforementioned title to the lame Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. Along with this being Donald Pleasance’s final film, the film features a young Paul Rudd, and sadly, was not good. But why did they change the title?

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