What movie was that...?

29 October 2009


directed by Ivan Reitman

No gore. Minimal scares. But a heaping helping of fun, spectral hilarity, the Ivan Reitman classic, Ghostbusters, is good to the last drop. 3 misfits with an interest in the paranormal start a supernatural extermination company. They recruit a fourth and soon, they’re taking spooks down like gangbusters, until a nasty one named Gozer wakes up on the wrong side of the cosmic bed. From Slimer to the massive Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, from the inspired and everlastingly genius performances of Harold Ramis (as the driest humor in human form, Egon Spengler), Bill Murray (the most lovable prick, Peter Venkman) and a boss script by Ramis and Dan Akroyd, Ghostbusters is a pure, side splitting classic. Are you ready to believe me?

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