What movie was that...?

30 October 2009


directed by John Carpenter

Another fine example of an independent film making it big is John Carpenter’s iconic film Halloween, the film that brought us Michael Myers, the scariest franchised horror film character ever imagined. Word to the wise, Mr. Rob Zombie, it was perfect just the way it was! Born to seemingly good middle class parents in Haddonfield, Illinois (which is what makes it so much more unsettling than Zombie’s white trash nightmare), little Michael comes home from trick or treating one Halloween and stabs his sister to death. Flash to twenty years later, and Michael has escaped from the hospital in which he was institutionalized and heads home for a little hair of the dog. Tracked by the tenacious Dr. Sam Loomis (excellent Psycho homage, Mr. C), played with vigor by the marvelous Donald Pleasance, Michael sets his phasers to kill, hacking his way to Laurie (a sweet Jamie Lee Curtis) in one of the most suspenseful, hair raising finales in horror. And that music, also written by Carpenter, can still chill the blood. Can you kill the boogieman? Watch Halloween for the answer to that one.

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