What movie was that...?

30 October 2009


directed by Steven Spielberg

You can thank the failure of technology for the gruesome and stellar reveals in the Spielberg classic, Jaws. Damn robots, they just kept breaking down, but Spielberg used it to his advantage, creating such edge of the seat tension that ages like wine. Roy Scheider is Brody, hydrophobic police chief of tourist trap Amity Island charged with a simple task, keep the beaches awesome and the holiday revenue up. But Brody has a great white problem (get it, great white- nevermind). The chief calls in shark expert Hooper (a non-annoying Richard Dreyfuss) and hires salty dog Quints (George Shaw at his gravel-voiced best) to take them fishing. Upon its release in 1975, Jaws did for swimming in the ocean what Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me did for eating fast food, and apparently my old history teacher was an extra in the infamous beach frenzy scenes, Look closely.

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  1. I watched Jaws again the other night and like you say it gets better with age.
    Robert Shaw is outstanding as the larger than life Quint, especially in that scene where he describes the sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis.


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