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22 October 2009

Lady in White

directed by Frank LaLoggia

Not exactly horror, Frank LaLoggia’s Lady in White is just spooky, plain and simple. A decade old murder mystery, a ghost and a creepy little boy (a miniature Lukas Haas, and I mean that in the nicest way, Mr. H) mesh to create a mystique that echoes the gothic glory of a bygone era. Haas plays Frankie Scarletti (wonderfully, by the way), a boy who encounters the ghost of a little girl while he is locked in the school cloakroom over Halloween. As he searches for the truth about her death, Scarletti discovers that fact is freakier than fiction. On a personal note, Lady in White was a movie that frightened me as a child on a very elemental, very primitive level when I first saw it, so much so that even as an adult, the film can conjure up all of the little kid terror of a dingy cellar or a dark attic full of boogiemen. A classic story, classically accomplished, Lady in White is a fine example of legitimate scares earned the honest way, not cheaply snatched from its audience with shock and gore like many lesser films.

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