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18 October 2009

Planet Terror

directed by Robert Rodriguez

Guilty pleasures unite to form a powerhouse of good old fashioned trashy, disgusting and crass awesomeness. Leave it to Robert Rodriguez, the jack of all trades craftster responsible for such gems as El Mariachi, Desperado, and the truly astounding Sin City, to rig up a preposterously fun story about a dive bar overrun by zombies. Like his partner in crime Quentin Tarantino, Rodriguez dismantles his film element by element, even removing an entire reel (as Tarantino did for his Death Proof theatrical release, but later “discovered” for the DVD) to create the dragged behind a Buick feel of a heavily played, heavily neglected exploitation film. Where Rodriguez and Tarantino diverge from one another is in their handling of the exploitation and grindhouse genre. While Tarantino seeks to comment on and even redefine the genre in an almost homage-like sense, Rodriguez seeks to make his own addition to the canon, which he does with flying, ultragrotesque colors. And it doesn’t hurt when you can wrangle up such greats of yore as the underrated Jeff Fahey, the solidly excellent Michael Biehn, comeback kid Josh Brolin (who came back with a vengeance with No Country for Old Men, Planet Terror, and his portrayal of the Dubs in W.), and add a ridiculously cool Freddy Rodriguez to the mix. If only the Weintsteins would package the duo’s films together into one, glorious double feature, complete with the trailers directed by Eli Roth and Edgar Wright. Pretty please? It would be so choice.

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