What movie was that...?

09 October 2009


directed by Tobe Hooper

Maybe not as shocking as Tobe Hooper’s groundbreaking The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but certainly as entertaining, this interesting experiment to combine two drastically different points of view results in a perennial crowd pleaser. The points of view to which I refer are, of course, the ever hopeful, ever seeking the good in people sentimentality of Steven Spielberg, a true giant of the craft, and the seemingly hopeless, rotten to the core outlook of Tobe Hooper, and I do not mean that as an insult to either party. What’s so fun to watch, other than Craig T. Nelson practice high diving in his bedroom, is how these two forces mingle. The Freelings are a regular American family trying to make a life out in the suburbs, when some strange things start happening. The Freelings press on, that is, until the littlest Freeling (a kind of frightening Heather O’Rourke) gets sucked in the television and held hostage by the boss ghoul (how’s that for a lesson on watching too much TV?). The Freelings call in the experts to cleanse the house and find their little girl. What unfolds is face melting, meat-spewing, possessed tree fighting, slime dripping fun, and that long take with the stacked dining room furniture is out of sight! It’s haunted house meets Manifest Destiny, suburban sprawl, and guess what suburban sprawl? You just got served.

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