What movie was that...?

12 October 2009


directed by John Frankenheimer

How’s this for an inconvenient truth? Toxic chemicals dumped into a water source royally screws the balance and harmony of nature. No, I’m not talking about the tacky heart string yanker A Civil Action, I’m talking about a movie with gonads, and enough Armand Assante to wet anyone’s whistle. I’m talking about John Frankenheimer’s super nutso, nature gone batshit protest film disguised as mere horror. I’m talking about The Prophecy, the only place where you’re going to find a true Armand Assante vs. mutant bear scenario. Do I really need to convince you further? Didn’t think so, just go watch it already, and imagine for yourself what kind of awesome, laser-tongued frog that giant tadpole would have turned into.

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