What movie was that...?

27 October 2009


directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock, master of suspense, mystery, and terror, genius of such classics as The Birds, Lifeboat, The Thirty-Nine steps, and Rear Window, gave Psycho to the world in 1960 and oh, what a gift it was. Starring Janet Leigh and Anthony Perkins, this jewel of a horror film disguised itself as heister on the run flick for nearly the first half the moive, much like the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez dynamo from Dusk til Dawn. Marion Crane (Leigh) rips off her boss and splits for the coast, hoping for a new start, until she runs into someone she didn’t expect. I suppose there is the slightest of chances that a few of you have not seen this iconic film (hey, I just met a 19 year old kid who works in a movie theater and has never watched any Tarantino films. None!), so I will not get into details and ruin everything for you. Deliberately filmed in black and white, Hitchcock’s gloriously twisted, voyeuristically warped tale of greed, lust and deception will stand forever as the model for the plot twist.
Note: While I greatly respect Gus Van Sant and his cinematic achievements including the come out of nowhere and floor you film, Gerry, the always inspired Good Will Hunting and My Own Private Idaho, I cannot abide by his retelling of such a classic. Please watch the original.

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