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15 October 2009

Reign of Fire

directed by Rob Bowman

Hands down the best futuristic dragon slaying movie starring Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey ever! A guilty pleasure in the truest sense, this film is so bad it makes bad look acceptable, but what saves this movie and makes it a film worth viewing is the commitment made by its twin heroes, the "I saw one of these dragons kill my mum when I was a lad so now I’m kind of a big deal, and super radically overzealous" intensity of Christian Bale, who brought way more to the table than what a script of this caliber called for. Bale plays Quinn Abercromby (really? Wasn’t there a more British sounding name they cold have come up with?), sort of leader of a band of survivors trying to make it in a world where dragons have decimated the land of tea and crumpets. Enter Denton Van San (with the crazed Patton strut of a lunatic McConaughy, also being way more excellent than he needed to be), Uncle Sam’s Ahab for all those fire-breathing Moby Dicks. Denton can do Quinn one better, he killed hisself a gol’ darn dragon back home in Kansas. Take that, Britain! It looks like even in a dragon ravaged future, the USA has to boss up and kick some ass (really? Is he really describing a movie that was actually made? This sounds awful). Yeah, it is awful, awfully awesome! Come on, we all like to tout the genius of Kubrick and Truffaut films, and they are geniuses of the craft, but sometimes we need a little Reign of Fire.

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