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02 October 2009

Shallow Grave

directed by Danny Boyle

Trainspotting. A Life Less Ordinary. The Beach. 28 Days Later. Sunshine. Slumdog Millionaire. If all of these filmic charms hung together on a necklace, then the chain itself would represent none other than the warped, pop-trash genius of one Mister Danny Boyle. And it all started with Shallow Grave…
The plot is a timeless one; 3 yuppie friends find a fourth roommate for their flat, but when number 4 kicks off mysteriously and the trio find a suitcase full of money in his room, they decide to stash the cash, and the body. Simple plan, that is, until doubt, paranoia and a few more corpses start gumming up the works. It’s just too much dark fun to ruin for you with more explanation. Ewan McGregor shines as glib prick Alex, but it’s Christopher Eccleston who brings home the bacon as quiet accountant turned paranoid, semi-homicidal nut job David. Who says money can buy happiness?

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