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06 October 2009

Three Kings

directed by David O. Russell

David O. Russell proves in his stellar film Three Kings that a war just isn’t a war without a little larceny, or in this case, a whole lot of larceny. Russell also proves that you remake a film plot without remaking the film itself, the wartime gold theft plot in this case coming from the classic Kelley’s Heroes, but this time around it’s based on a true story! Wait- what? Did he just say true story? Yes I did, but instead of lamely trying to retell the events with the names and dates changed and with a more interesting composite of three of four less interesting people, Russell does it the fun way, by using the true story as inspiration for his highly entertaining work of fiction. Revolving around three Gulf War soldiers, Detroit native Elgin (a great Ice Cube) “on vacation” from his job at the airport, Straight shooter Troy Barlow (Mark Wahlberg in one of his best roles), and Barlow’s hillbilly admirer Conrad Vig (what, Spike Jonze can act, too?), who find a map that identifies the location of one of Sadam’s gold bullion stashes. Why not jack a little dough from the prick? Enter Archie Gates, wonderfully underplayed by the fantastic George Clooney, the idea and resource man capable of piloting such a mission. Using saturated colors and crazy anatomy class camera shots (CSI had to get those sweet ideas from somewhere), Russell creates a trippy look into a war that didn’t really seem like one. Not to be underestimated, Russell’s film is a powerful one, a film well worth seeing, or seeing again.
For additional awesome content, check out Russell’s short doc Soldier’s Pay, which deals with the notion of the war from various perspectives. Totally worth it.

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