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25 October 2009


directed by Glen Morgan

While I have to give credit to the original Willard Stiles, admirably played by the oft-overlooked Bruce Davison (scope the cameo in the remake), my heart belongs to the updated version and the chillingly unhinged performance of one of my favorite actors of all time, Crispin Glover. The remake, unafraid to go for it when the original just couldn’t seem to cross the line, is as disturbingly entertaining to watch as it is to talk about. Loner misfit Willard Stiles lives at home with his mother and works at his father’s company which now belongs to his father’s best friend (a bitter R. Lee Ermey). When Mom asks Willard to take care of a few rats invading the basement, he takes the opportunity to make some friends. And oh, what friends they are. Soon, Willard has his rodent posse trained like an attack squad, gnawing and clawing Willard’s revenge plots into reality. At the head of his rodent gang is Ben, a cat sized rat that soon develops plans of its own, plans to perform a coup d'état on his human benefactor. It’s scuttling, scratching, disease ridden fun that’s guaranteed to have you wriggling in your seats. To add to the freaky factor, listen to the Crispin Glover cover of Michael Jackson’s original hit Ben, written for the original film. It’ll make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.
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