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27 October 2009

The Wraith

directed by Mike Marvin

One of the classic plotlines in the story-telling tradition; boy is killed by thugs, so boy comes back as a car to avenge his death. All too familiar, right? It’s a good thing that Charlie Sheen is on the case this time around, tearing ass around town plotting to put the hurt on a group of a-holes (lead by a grimy as hell Nick Cassavetes) and get his revenge. It’s 80’s drive-in bullshit heaven, replete with a puffy-haired Clint Howard screaming “He’s a wraith, man!” and featuring the ridiculous Dodge M4S. To bear witness to a movie like Mike Marvin’s cult disaster is to peer into the past, a simpler time when all you needed was a Sheen and a dream. For exhibit B, see the excellent Emilio Estevez trashfest, Maximum Overdrive, featuring a murderous pop machine. Yes, you read that sentence correctly, a murderous pop machine!

The Sheen:

The Ma-Sheen:

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