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17 November 2009

12 Monkeys

directed by Terry Gilliam

Possibly the silver medal winner in the Olympics of time travel films, Terry Gilliam’s surreal meditation on causality and human destiny make for one of the craziest and suspenseful films in years. And Gilliam, in true Gilliam fashion, almost ran out of cash before he could complete his little project. It’s a good thing he did, otherwise we would have lost out on a true cinematic mind job. Bruce Willis plays convict James Cole who, in return for a reduced sentence, is sent back in time to investigate the origins of a deadly plague that drove the human race underground. There is a problem, however, and Cole is sent back too far in time, thus landing him in a mental health facility where he meets a doctor (a great Madeleine Stowe) who later comes to his aide and a fast talking nutjob named Jeffrey Goines (Brad Pitt gives a spirited performance that shows his potential). There is so much more to it than that, but I will spare you the details so you can be as surprised and thrilled as I was when I first laid eyes on this sci-fi treat. Pay attention and don’t be dismayed, it all comes together.

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