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14 November 2009

American Movie

directed by Chris Smith

The American Dream. What does that mean to you? To Mark Borchardt, it was pursuing his passion, and when filmmaker Chris Smith discovered him, he was in the process of filming his latest horror film, Coven, when lack of funds threatened to derail his vision. With the help of his lovable buddy Mike Schank (you couldn’t write a character this tragically endearing if you had all the time in the world) and his tough customer Uncle Bill, Mark risks it all to complete his film and realize his dream. Proof again that fact is more remarkable than fiction, Chris Smith’s glimpse into the mind of a fanatic is as revealing and entertaining as anything good old Hollywood is willing to vomit up onto the screen. A testament to the power of dreams and the devotion to that which makes you truly happy, American Movie will make you feel all kinds of things, and you will be glad you did. Hell, it may even give you a new found respect for the indie film circuit. Please support your local filmmaker.

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