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30 November 2009

The Big Lebowski

directed by the Coen Brothers

Apparently, a friend of mine knows the real Lebowski and this guy claims the Coens took his story without paying their proper dues. While that may be a dispute for the ages, what is indisputable is the hilarious genius of Joel and Ethan Coen, the creators of some of the most varied film experiences of the past quarter century. From the blackest of comedies Fargo to the silliest fable Raising Arizona, the viscerally amazing No Country for Old Men to the knock out Barton Fink, the Coen Brothers have churned out more gems than Tiffany and Co. In The Big Lebowski, the Coens channel their inner hippie to bring the story of The Dude Lebowski (Jeff Bridges) and his exploits. All The Dude wanted was to replace the rug that really tied the room together, but he gets way more than he bargained for when a kidnapping plot, an extortion plot and the misfortunes of his bowling buddies collide in a comedic mash-up that splits the sides. Bridges is wonderful as The Dude, point man for the various webs of intrigue encircling his quiet life. And right in the middle of bowling playoffs! With a little help from loony vet buddy Walter (John Goodman, the best returning personae in the Coen universe) and “Big” Lebowski’s daughter Maude (a dry and sharp Julianne Moore), The Dude tries to crack the case and find the truth. With so many in and outs, so many facets and what have yous, it’s almost too much movie for one movie, yet somehow the Coens make it work, and that’s because they are never out of their element. Do you see what happens when you know what you’re doing?

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