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13 November 2009

The Brothers Quay Short Films

directed by the Brothers Quay

As I have said before, I heart stop motion animation, and if I make a claim such as that I cannot leave out the animated films of The Brothers Quay. I am referring specifically to the collection of films titled The Brothers Quay Collection, but the brothers have left their mark on the documentary genre as well as live action. In this collection the Quays have in many ways defined a style unique to their world, a style that is often imitated (such is the case with several Tool videos that were “influenced” by the Quays but not their own work) but never equaled. Their films can only be described in a very rudimentary, very explanatory way, but how they are viewed is entirely up to the audience. The Quays cultivate a mood, an atmosphere of darkness, of surreal and brooding menace that cling to your psyche like cobwebs. Watch it with the lights on.

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