What movie was that...?

11 November 2009


directed by Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson and Hamilton Luske

A fine example of Disney at the top of its game is the timeless and beautiful Cinderella, the gold standard in princess films. Cinderella has it rough, cleaning up for two wretched stepsisters and one rotten stepmother. Her only friends are the various critters dwelling within the great house in which she toils, until an open invitation from the king shines a small light on the gloom of her everyday life. The king wants all the single ladies, all the single ladies, to come out to the castle for a bachelor style shindig so that his son might find true love. A little help from her fairy godmother gets Cinderella to the castle in time to sweep the prince off his feet, but in her rush to get home before the godmother’s spell is broken, she forgets to tell him her name. Woops. How does it end? You know how it ends, but it doesn’t make it any less enchanting to watch. From the talking animals to the wonderful musical sequences, Cinderella is best kind of princess film, one that endures.

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