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21 November 2009

Eddie and the Cruisers

directed by Martin Davidson

Ugh, BC. An early 80s film about an early 60s band that lost their lead singer? Absofrigginlutely. Not only is Martin Davidson’s drive-in classic Eddie and the Cruisers a great film, it stars the super ridiculously awesome Michael Pare (be still, my heart) in probably his finest role as Eddie Wilson, lead singer of popular (and fictional) band The Cruisers who disappeared after his car crashed off a bridge one lonely night. Jump to twenty years later and a music reporter (Ellen Barkin) looking to score big runs with the angle that Eddie Wilson is pulling an Arthur Rimbaud (the French poet? Gave up writing by the time he reached his early twenties? Died young?- Oh, just look him up.) and that maybe he’s not really dead. Good one. Barkin beats the bushes and drums up the old band (what’s left of them) in order to conduct interviews for the piece and find out just what happened to the last Cruiser album, A Season in Hell (the tapes went missing the same night as Eddie, weird). Most of the story is told through keyboardist Wordman’s (Tom Berenger) perspective, and as reporter and Wordman try to piece together the past, they seem to awaken a few ghosts. Pare’s performance alone is worth a viewing, and it only gets better with age. Every time I watch it it’s like I’m seeing it again for the first time. Please don't go, tender years.

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