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20 November 2009

The Fall

directed by Tarsem Singh

A virtual orgy of imagery, artistic revelry and so far over the top visual effects so as to render its audience breathless, Tarsem Singh’s The Fall has all of that in spades, and then some, and it’s all real. It’s the 1920s, and an injured stunt man Roy Walker (Lee Pace) in a California hospital befriends a young girl who is also on the mend. Roy tells the little girl a fairy tale of his own invention, a fairy tale that begins to bleed into the little girl’s real world. Visually dazzling and whimsically tragic, Singh’s directorial flourish is as vivid as Technicolor, minus the nostalgia. Using no computer effects and utilizing real locations for every sequence, Singh creates a world of his own, a dreamy piece of cinematic eye candy. Don’t get a cavity.

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