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10 November 2009

Friday Night Lights

directed by Peter Berg

And you thought high school football sucked? Get your head down and brace yourself for Peter Berg’s true story adrenaline pumper about a west Texas football team and their journey to the playoffs. Trust me, it is so much better than it sounds, possibly even the greatest football movie of all time. Berg’s film runs balls out from beginning to end, pausing only to contemplate the existence of young men carrying the burden of an entire town, and Berg captures the intensity of the field on game night with surgical precision. Lucas Black perfectly plays Mike Winchell, worrisome QB for the Permian Panthers and Odessa’s country mile throwing arm. Derek Luke is amazing as running back Boobie Miles, whose injury threatens to ruin him. Garrett Hedlund is electric as bad boy Don Billingsley with a chip on his shoulder in the shape of a jaw dropping Tim McGraw, who plays the senior Billingsley with such focused subtlety that, though I could clearly recognize his face, my brain would simply not put it together that the actor I was watching and the country singer were one in the same. Bravo, Mr. M. Billy Bob Thornton plays a squeaky clean head coach Gary Gaines, treading the waters between the victory crazed fans and the needs of his players. You can almost feel the heat of the lights, and so much young talent in one place is cause enough for a celebration. Feel good about yourself, Peter Berg, come on!

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