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05 November 2009

George Washington

directed by David Gordon Green

David Gordon Green’s debut film about life in the post industrial washout of the rural south is as heavy as they come, centering around a group of children just trying to make it in a town with almost no options. When a boy dies, secrets and friendship are put to the test. What emerges from Green’s virtual stream of consciousness are the elusive tragedies and epiphanies of youth, relationships forged that know no age. Aside from the remarkable performance by the child actors, Paul Schneider is outstanding as the emotionally stunted Rico, laborer and adult child who connects with the young personalities surrounding him. The film is as beautiful as it is tragic, a true experiment that hits pay dirt. The closest thing besides the Spike Jonze masterpiece Where the Wild Things Are, Green’s George Washington is as accurate a portrayal of childhood as you will find anywhere.

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