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18 November 2009

Gone, Baby Gone

directed by Ben Affleck

The crown jewel in the Affleck coat of arms takes the form of Gone, Baby Gone, a filming solidly directed by Ben Affleck and starring little bro Casey Affleck. Set in Boston, Affleck (the younger one) is Patrick Kenzie, a neighborhood kid turned private detective hired to find a little girl who disappeared while her mom was out at the bar. Making use of his neighborhood contacts, Patrick sets out to find the truth and bites off more than he can chew. For a freshman attempt, Ben makes all the right directing choices, including some superb supporting cast choices. Shining brightest of all is Bubba (wonderfully played by Slaine), Patrick’s drug dealer buddy who has an ear to the streets and who helps him track down a pedophile. Ed Harris is reliably explosive as detective Remy Bressant, and Morgan Freeman gets inside your head as Jack Doyle, victim of child abduction himself. Gone, Baby Gone is a film that leaves you with almost nothing to cling to but an ambiguity that refuses to lend itself to simple justification. Casey Affleck has proven himself time and time again to be an actor of seemingly limitless talent, playing the most hilarious and pitch perfect little brother type in Good Will Hunting, and he steals the show in Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean films. And when it comes to dramatic acting, let’s just put it this way: if Casey Affleck had a nickel for every dramatic performance for which he has been overlooked, then you would definitely hear his pockets jingling. Mr. A, you’ve sure come a long way since you played Kevin's older brother in American Pie.

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