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07 November 2009

High Fidelity

directed by Stephen Frears

Hipsters and intellectuals can at least agree on something, that the Stephen Frears classic High Fidelity is totally awesome. Audiophiles love it. Cusackphiles love it. In fact, aside from maybe Grosse Pointe Blank or Say Anything, High Fidelity is widely perceived as the quintessential John Cusack film. Cusack is perfect as Rob Gordon, owner of a Chicago record store and surly demeanor. Precipitated by the current one, Rob journeys back through his life to relive and analyze the top five breakups in his life to answer the question, “Why?” It’s the snide, talking to camera style, bearing your soul in the most sarcastic way possible brilliance of Cusack that brings timelessness to a film that could have easily fallen into the “ordinary” trap. A hilarious Jack Black and Todd Louiso (Rob’s pop culture junky employees) definitely don’t hurt matters, either. It’s music as catharsis, as narrative, as punctuation in the story of life.

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