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14 November 2009

The Man Who Walked Around the World (A Johnnie Walker Commercial)

directed by Jamie Rafn

Robert Carlyle struts across the Scottish countryside and schools the ignorant about the booze-making artistry of one Johnnie Walker. One long take, beginning with a bag piper getting hushed by Carlyle (his exact words are “Hey, piper. Shut it!”), and he’s off, telling the tale of a young man who finds his niche by blending the questionable and inconsistent local brews into one bold formula. The Walker sons later took up the mantle and began to spread the word, and form the iconic look of what we now associate with the premium scotch. What makes this better than a regular old commercial is the quality of the cinematography (sweet), the quality of the writing (exceptional and confident) and the bombast of Carlyle as he traipses along a dirt road like he’s swaggering through Times Square. It’s clever and fresh, exciting and exhilarating, and it’s exactly the kind of ad campaign befitting such a smooth scotch.

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